Our Premium Solutions

Maximize Acquisition Minimize Complexity

Monitor the success of your UA campaigns based on the down-funnel metrics that are most important to you. Transforming your data into highly valuable insights is never easier using Premium Ads dashboard visualizations, reports, and APIs. 

Unleash Precision Targeting, Insightful Analytics & Effortless Campaign Optimization

Premium for Advertiser Platform empowers you with a high-level overview of your UA campaign. The data-baked and AI-enhanced dashboard gives you a snapshot of the metrics that aid you in your user growth

Real-time Performance Tracking

Monitor campaign performance in real-time and make necessary adjustments

Profit Analysis

Compare the revenue generated from your users with the amount spent on advertising

Performance Trends

Compare the trend of a specific metric over a defined period

Optimization Tools

Utilize advanced tools for campaign optimization and enhanced performance, including bid optimization and precise audience targeting

User Activity Tracker

Demonstrates how the daily actions of your users impact the revenue generated

Campaign Overview

Get detailed insights about your campaign, organized for easy comparison

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Our Premium Solutions

Elevate Your User Acquisition Strategy with Premium for Advertiser Platform

A complete picture of your multi-channel campaign performance. Performance data at your fingertips, updated in real-time, for making swift and informed decisions.

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Premium Self-serve Advertising Platform

Create and manage campaigns with utmost control and transparency

Developers and publishers can independently oversee their UA campaigns, granting them greater control over marketing endeavors and the flexibility to implement real-time adjustments as necessary.

The dashboards offer comprehensive demographic insights into the target audience, including age, gender, and geographic location. This data serves to fine-tune campaigns and effectively reach your most valuable users.

Effectively track and enhance important metrics such as CPIs and CPAs with precision through detailed reporting, driving improvements in conversion rate and increasing installation rates for UA campaigns.

We aim for confidence in your data, guaranteeing that each decision is supported by reliable, data-driven insights.

Why Go with Premium for Advertiser Platform for Your Next UA Campaign?

Find your desired audience group and reach them at the right time with our high-impact and high-performance ad units

Constant Advancement
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