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Unlock your all-time high advertising earnings with Premium Ads 

Connect us today and discover the game-changing monetization strategies Premium Ads has in store for you. Enjoy transparent & scalable growth with endless advertising opportunities.

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Simple integration, countless demand source

Experience one-click integration while tapping into a diverse pool of exclusive demand sources. Premium Ads helps you connect effortlessly to industry leaders without the hassle of multi-demand conflicts.

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Premium things that PremiumAds offers

Premium Revenue Booster

Simplify your ad monetization strategy by leaving it to Premium Ads. You can focus on creating content and growing audience while we maximize your eCPM and fill rate thanks to our state-of-the-art & data-backed advertising technology.

Campaign Tracking & Optimization

Monitor your real-time earnings through Premium Ads' comprehensive analytics, in-depth reports & granular dashboard. Our commitment to complete transparency ensures no hidden revenue concerns, allowing you to manage your ad earnings with confidence.

Flexible Payment Solutions

Gaining a solid financial status and ensuring a smooth cash flow with our attractive finance solutions. Our goal is to empower your financial strategy, offering not just flexibility but also stability to ensure a seamless partnership that stands the test of time.

24/7 Premium Support

Seamlessly integrate and fine-tune your ad inventory with around-the-clock support from our dedicated Google Mastery team capable of solving the unsolvable. Rest assured that our team is always here to ensure optimal performance and resolve any queries.

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Expand Your Advertising Revenue Stream With Top-Tier Premium Demands

Gain real-time access to 35+ most premium & world top DSPs, proudly delivered and optimized to you from a trusted Prebid Premium Partner. Let us help you maximize your revenue through real-time auctions, optimize demand for inventory, and maximize fill rates with ease.

Amplifying your ad revenue by seamlessly tapping into Google Ad Exchange demand and Google’s extensive network. As a Google Certified Publishing Partner, Premium Ads empowers you to optimize your advertising campaign without compromising user experience.

Unlock untapped revenue opportunities from direct access to global and premium brands. We automate direct brand partnerships so you can be exposed to world-class demands with ready-to-spend budgets, eagerly investing in quality campaigns that resonate with their ideal customers.


For Web Publishers

Revamp Your Website's Earning Potentials with A Google Mastery Team

Header Bidding Solution

Header Bidding or Pre-bidding allows you to secure the highest bids for every ad inventory, significantly boosting overall yield.

Ad Block Recovery

More than 10% of audience access your content using ad blockers. It's time to strike back with our Ad Block Recovery tool!

Seamless Integration

Direct integration with JS tag implemented directly on your website or server integration through GAM.

For App Publishers

Supercharge Your In-app Monetization Stratgey to The Next Level

Non-disruptive Ad Placement

Seamlessly add high-earning ad formats into your game/app without causing user disruption.

No SDK Required

Easily integrate with the most popular mobile SDKs/mediations: IronSource - Applovin Max - Google AdMob, and more!

Constant Optimization

On-going yield optimization and fine-tuning campaign to ensure you don’t miss out on higher bids.

Time-saving Process with Astonishing Results 


We analyze your inventory and make a detailed monetization plan


We guide you through a simple-to-follow integration process with 24/7 Google-certified support


We track the performance and advise you to optimize revenue for your inventory

Unlock Your Revenue Target with Premium Demand

Being Google Certified Publishing Partner means that we have been handpicked by Google to help publishers by offering expert and assertive advice. This allows us to optimize the performance of your business and help you at every step, from increasing advertising revenue to strategizing in many areas, including setup, optimization and maintenance. So you can focus on the best part: producing quality content.