Since 2016, PremiumAds has maintained its top rank in digital advertising in the LATAM area for years. Led by experts in the marketing & technology industry, PremiumAds has broadened its partner network constantly. Above all, PremiumAds is one of Google’s MCM Partners, authorized to monetize many premium publishers and get a massive demand source from Google’s advertisers.

Finally, utilizing our advantages, we made our global reach to all the worldwide Publishers and Advertisers. By expanding our office branch to Singapore, we commit to bringing our Publishers the highest revenue and enhancing their sites/apps’ appearance with premium ads, and our Advertisers have the most fruitful campaigns than ever.

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About PremiumAds

We are the only company in Brazil with Google Certified Publishing Partner and Prebid Verified Partner certifications, which attests to the quality of our services.

Leveraging our specialty in monetization via connections with more than 20 national and international demands, including Google Ad Exchange, we simplify programmatic media for all global partners of ours.

Our all in a day's work is giving our Publishers the consultation and the tool to advance their programmatic advertising strategies, balancing their user experience while leveraging new ad formats with greater programmatic demand.

Our Monetization Platform

PremiumAds exists to step up the monetization game for our Publishers and Mobile App/Game Developers while they focus on polishing their product and content.

Our team of experts offers Publishers the very best in programmatic advertising and exclusive relationships with brands and advertisers. We strive to improve user experience and ensure the highest integrity and stability of all sites and apps.

We add value to mobile games and websites by bringing the best programmatic media solutions to life - integrating, optimizing and supporting with all of our capabilities.

After all, we've been on the other side. Our founders have worked for years as Publishers and we have seen the challenges in our own eyes and believe that our Publishers should be paid well for the services they provide to their users.

Our experts

Michael Silva


Leandro Lanceloti


Riadis Dornelles


Claudinei Oliveira

Head of Finance

Lucas Comino

Head of Customer Success Operations

Rafael Schindler

Head of Customer Success

Are you an advertising enthusiast?

Programmatic Advertising is an automatic process of buying and selling ad spaces on the internet, including desktop, mobile websites, and mobile applications. The whole process is based on a bidding system to decide which adverts from which advertiser will get to serve on the ad spaces (as known as ad inventory) of the Publishers.

Our approach is straighforward.

Initially, we connect Publishers’ websites or mobile apps, games to dozens of demands from advertisers all over the world, including networks, agencies and direct advertisers.

We use our proprietary technology – Header Bidding and our access to Google Ad Manager 360 ad server  to optimize Publishers’ inventory to achieve a higher CPM, improve page/game load speed and define the best ad formats for the audience profile. Our team of experts analyzes more than 70 metrics of audience, revenue and performance of the websites and mobile games in an instant and work our magic in optimization to increase Publishers’ revenue.

Content or classified sites on desktop and mobile; native apps or webapps; mobile games and apps – on Android and iOS.

We do not monetize Youtube channels, Facebook pages, adult content and sites that are in disagreement with Google’s ad policies for monetization.

We monetize portals from 1 million pageviews, in various segments such as local, state and national news, classifieds, reference sites such as guides and information repositories and in niches such as health, sports, finance and cuisine.

Other than websites, we bring our monetization expertise to bear on mobile games, and apps that are from renowned game studios with at least 100.000 installs.

Techinically, before we start the integration, we will need our Mobile Game/App Publishers to create some accounts:

  • A Google Account Management account (either GAM or GAM 360 works fine).
  • An Admob or Adsense account that is also the game’s administration email.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got the accounts in advance, we can assist you setting them up since the steps are easy to implement.

After collecting your basic information, our AMs will send you our detailed integration guidelines and walk you through every step.

There is no conflict between our services and Google Adsense or Admob. We have a strong relationship with Google in Brazil and we are the only Brazilian company with the certification Google Certified Publishing Partner, so we use Google Ad Exchange network as part of our monetization.

For sites with an audience below 1 million pageviews, Premium needs to monetize close to 100% of the advertising space so that the monthly billing makes sense and that we can optimize your site properly. For sites above 1 million monthly pageviews, partial monetization can be negotiated.

Yes, we have more than 25 international and domestic programmatic platforms plugged into our network. In addition, we monthly test several sources of demand and new technologies to constantly find ways to increase our Publishers’ revenue.

We usually carry out a 30-day trial for our customers to better understand our work dynamics. If you are not satisfied with the results we generate, just remove our tags. We end the partnership and you will get your revenue in the proportion and Net term as agreed. A risk-free test with no minimum period of stay.

Everything that you need to know!

Still wondering how our partnerships work? Contact us to put out any questions you have.