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6 Creative Tips for Mobile App Peak Performance This Holiday Season 2023 from Liftoff

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During a period of holiday seasons where fierce competition happens everywhere, leveraging high-quality creatives on mobile apps can serve as the distinguishing factor for your campaigns. The holiday season’s success is predicated on a robust base of perennial campaigns complemented by strategically designed promotions tailored to engage your specific audience. The seasoned experts at Liftoff Creative Studio have compiled six valuable tips to empower you in optimizing your mobile app on pivotal sales days while enhancing your performance during this holiday season. Let’s check them out!

Win the holidays by keeping it evergreen

Initiate the holiday spirit early by building upon your timeless campaigns to captivate audiences in advance of peak sales days.

otto mobile app

*Representation based on actual OTTO ad

  • Shift away from overused holiday themes

Steer clear of falling into the generic holiday theme trap. Adorning your ads with the same old Santas and snowflakes can easily blend into the sea of holiday advertising, making it a challenge to stand out. You understand your audience best, so lean into what truly resonates with them.

  • Enhance your existing creatives

Start your creative process with what you already have in your arsenal, and then add a touch of holiday magic to it. However, it’s essential to remember that the holiday component should complement your brand and effectively convey your message.

  • Launch a distinct promotional campaign

You’ve fine-tuned your evergreen campaigns to optimize their performance, and introducing new elements can potentially disrupt your hard-earned ROI. Consider creating a separate campaign dedicated to your holiday ads, running in parallel with your evergreen ad creatives. This approach allows you the freedom to experiment without affecting your core campaigns.

Make the ad experience the app experience

It’s essential to feature ads that put your product in the spotlight, showcasing your user interface (UI) to captivate your audience. Consider adding an interactive component to add an extra layer of engagement.

app experience

Let your audience test the waters before making a purchase

By exhibiting your UI, you’re emphasizing that sometimes the experience itself is the main selling point. Enhance the app UI display by incorporating scrolling or clickable visuals to replicate the shopping experience. This dynamic approach can provide the adrenaline rush viewers need to entice them to install the app.

Rotate your best-selling products for increased engagement

Frequently cycle through popular seasonal items or this year’s most sought-after gifts. To catch your customers’ attention, get straight to the point and showcase what they’re looking for.

Incorporate polls and quizzes in your ads to understand customer preferences

Seasonal shopping is all about the pleasure of making choices. By adding a poll or a multiple-choice quiz to your ad, such as “blue sweater or red?” you can pique user curiosity. Allow users to make selections and see how others are choosing. This interactive approach lets you gain deeper insights into your audience’s preferences.

Gamify your seasonal promotions

When questioned about their purchase motivations, a significant 65% of US consumers pointed directly to discounts. This holiday season, it’s crucial to leverage your promotions, but remember, they should also be enjoyable.

shopee app

  • Embrace the charms of a Lo-Fi aesthetic

Dipping into a nostalgic design approach can not only capture user attention but also increase impressions. Implementing a retro design element, such as a scratch-off voucher, offers a unique and novel way to stand out in a crowded market.

  • Utilize countdowns to generate excitement

Seasonal sales represent major calendar events, and they should be treated as such. Incorporating countdowns into your ads can heighten anticipation in the lead-up to peak sales days. Continuously refine and fine-tune your strategies to determine what works best for each upcoming holiday.

  • Cultivate your customer relationships

As November and December approach, it’s an ideal time to employ promotions that nurture both new and potential customers. Offering discounts to first-time users for their initial orders can incentivize app usage and amplify the effectiveness of your retargeting efforts for peak sales days.

Build ads that spark a personal connection 

The holiday season holds more significance than just offering discounts. Popular brands should become a daily part of their consumers’ daily routines.

yoox mobile app

  • Craft a narrative in your advertisements

When working with ad formats that offer limited space, such as banners or interstitials, every word and image carries weight. Maximize the impact of your ad copy and visual elements by weaving a narrative that forges a connection between your product and a lifestyle or an aspirational goal.

  • Explore extended video ads – Your customers crave them

The data is crystal clear – longer ad experiences are gaining popularity. This presents a golden opportunity for creators seeking a deeper rapport with their audience. Consider utilizing 45-second or longer video ads that showcase your product in action or illustrate how it seamlessly integrates into everyday life. Your customers are eager for these immersive experiences.

  • Tap into diverse motivations

Consumer purchase decisions are often influenced by a myriad of motivations. Craft unique versions of your advertisements that cater to the varied needs and motivations of diverse audiences. Understand why different groups may be inclined to purchase – or gift – your product and tailor your messaging accordingly.

Go local, and keep it authentic

sweatcoin mobile app

To establish a genuine connection, collaborate with content creators, and consistently adapt your ads to local contexts – more than mere translation of the ad copy. 

Harness the power of user-generated content 

Brands are already well aware of the advantages of collaborating with content creators, and user-generated content (UGC) can craft compelling advertisements. Beyond a seamless human touch, creator-generated content has the potential to resonate with the specific motivations of their audience.

Engage your audience with regional traditions and events

Dive into the research of local sales days, holidays, and cultural traditions. In addition to discovering unexpected opportunities to drive purchases, you’ll uncover novel avenues to forge meaningful links between your product and your target audience.

Utilize local sayings

Narrating a story isn’t solely about what you convey but also how you articulate it. Blend in local sayings and idiomatic expressions to connect with a niche audience and kindle regional curiosity.

Experiment with generative AI

AI power app

‘Tis the season to give generative AI a try! While this technology is still in its early stages, it’s already leaving a significant mark.

Integrate AI into your brainstorming sessions

AI doesn’t replace the need for solid design strategy, but incorporating AI queries into your research can unearth unconventional ideas that may surprise and inspire.

Consider AI voice-overs

While certain aspects, such as AI influencers, may not always be campaign-ready, generative AI can serve as a valuable resource when you’re running short on assets. Adding AI-generated voice-overs presents a straightforward way to complement user-generated content or lifestyle ads.

AI-designed mascots

Many users are already well-acquainted with prominent brand mascots. Brands without mascots can experiment by introducing holiday-specific avatars that align with their brand identity, making their ads more captivating. For instance, you can enhance a product-focused video by incorporating voice-overs with an appealing animation.

Let’s wrap it up!

The art of storytelling, creative content, and the integration of AI have become vital elements for mobile success this holiday season. As we approach the most magical time of the year, remember the importance of connecting authentically with your audience, experimenting with new ideas, and leveraging AI-driven tools. Embrace the endless possibilities of a dynamic and ever-evolving marketing landscape, and let your campaigns stand out with creativity and authenticity. 


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