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Turn data into game-changing insights that help optimize your entire portfolio of mobile apps with our Premium Business Intelligence. Join the industry leading studios in leveraging games/apps analytics, user behavior, ad campaigns, and monetization strategies.

Cut the guesswork & improve your KPIs!

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Gaming Studios/Publishers

Initialize. Analyze. Optimize.

Effortless Setup,
Countless Insights

Get a comprehensive overview of your entire game portfolio, optimize individual games and push changes with ease. Create custom dashboards, compare data across dimensions, manage all of your paid campaigns, run A/B tests and monitor performance in real-time. 

Seamless Integration

Backing 30+ Game
Engines and Services

From Unity to Unreal, Roblox, or even custom-built game engines, we provide comprehensive support across the board. Seamlessly link your development and monetisation as well as marketing tools with unparalleled ease and efficiency!

Get Started With One Line Of Code

					// Sample Initialize JavaScript SDK
appanalytics.PremiumCaptain.initialize("[game key]", "[secret key]");

Designed For Your Apps Growth

Empower Your Decision Making Unlock The Power of Data

Achieve a comprehensive understanding of your mobile app and game business by consolidating data from various sources to create a unified and insightful visualization. Explore how your advertising expenditure, ad revenue, and ARPDAU influence key performance indicators, enabling you to grasp LTV and RoAS.

Examine in-app advertising revenue, in-app purchase revenue, and user acquisition marketing expenses to enhance profitability. Keep track of revenue, costs, profit, ROIS, and ROAS for each app/game, campaign, or user in real-time.

Implement minor modifications and evaluate their effects through A/B Testing, eliminating guesswork for more informed decisions. Customize UA/Monetization parameters and implement live adjustments on a single platform without the need for constant app updates.

Integrate with top marketing platforms for automated campaign setup, management, and optimization.

Leverage drag-and-drop creative builders for user acquisition campaigns within the Game Engine and on the Premium Captain Dashboard.

Elevate Your Business Intelligence

Track Your Data Your Way
Gain Insights Beyond Your Business

Access top charts and performance histories for all games on various app stores.

Validate game success with trends for key performance indicators (KPIs), genres, and platforms from over 140,000 real titles.

Track global monetized traffic data and delve deeper into specific regions or countries for detailed analysis.

Utilize the Metrics API to create bespoke BI reports and dashboards tailored to your organization or game.

Your Data is Yours – Prioritizing Privacy

First-party Analytics and Top-notch Security Measures

Leverage our robust data access capabilities to freely extract structured or unstructured data from Premium Captain into your own systems for tailored analysis and reporting.

We enhance your compliance with GDPR and CCPA regulations, supported by reputable independent accreditation organizations. Your data remains under your control with no sharing with third parties. 

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Affordable data solution for solo developers and small teams

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